Wow! Build Your Own Stuffed Animal Party !

Build Your Own Stuffed Animal Party !build a bear party

The excitement of having a stuffed animal party anywhere: your house, school, park or poolside! Your child gets to help stuff a bear with one of our very own bear stuffers. No long lines! The bear stuffing machines bring the Teddy Bear Birthday Party to you! The centerpiece of the party was the fabulous outfits! Amazing Animals and the Fluff Pump. It”s a six foot tall old fashioned gas pump that fills your animal with life. They bring up to 6 different stuffed animals,from Bears to Dogs to Dragons! and at least 12 different outfits for both boys and girls to choose from! A Fabulous Fun Event!  While the kids were choosing their new best friends, a fun whimsical clown /performer kept all the kids smiling and laughing with a fun magic show! She lead the kids into fun games that included all of the kids “new best friend”  this gave everyone a chance to enjoy the show, eat, laugh, have fun, play with their new animals and take home a Wonderful new friend!! the best party favor of all! provide all the fun!! thanks for a great party

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